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    CERN Administrative Student Programme 2023 in Switzerland

    CERN Administrative Student Programme 2023 in Switzerland

    CERN Administrative Student Programme in Switzerland 2022-23 is an opportunity for students studying administration to participate in tasks that are revolutionizing the entire world. CERN, a world-famous organization and world-leading scientific center, is offering students fully funded internships as well as the opportunity to learn how to use the world’s most complex administrative techniques during their employment or internship. Students whose degree requires an internship to become a part of the world’s most organized administrative platform are welcome to apply to the CERN internship program.

    CERN offers a fully-funded international internship in a variety of administrative fields. Students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in translation, human resource management, advanced secretarial work, business administration, law, logistics, finance, communications, library science, accounts, information science and technology, audit, communication, and public relations, or any other related field are encouraged to apply. Interns will have the opportunity to spend two to twelve months at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, gaining practical experience in their fields of study.

    CERN is a world-renowned and prestigious research center known for its groundbreaking contributions to science and research. Physicists and engineers at CERN use the world’s most advanced scientific instruments to investigate the fundamentals of the universe. The organization’s work environment is diverse because of its diverse university. CERN interns will benefit from a wide range of experiences that will enable them to continue their careers with a strong understanding of administration and the confidence that will be instilled in them as a result of their work experience at CERN. As a result, the administrative student internship in Switzerland provides a strong environment for students to complete their final projects under the guidance of top-notch professionals.

    The CERN international internship in Europe is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for self-motivated and enthusiastic students to become a vital part of a world-changing project. International interns at CERN will be involved in world-changing work even before they finish their degrees, which will undoubtedly contribute to their self-grooming and future motivation. The following article is a comprehensive guide for students who are interested and qualified. Aside from the motivational benefits mentioned above, the following paragraphs detail all of the financial benefits and privileges, as well as the eligibility requirements. Furthermore, a procedure is outlined below so that any qualified candidate can apply for the CERN Administrative Student Program with ease.

    CERN Administrative Student Programme 2022-23:

    • Country: Geneva, Switzerland
    • Institute: CERN
    • No. of Participants: 120
    • Program Expenses: Fully Funded
    • Program Duration: Minimum 2 Months
    • Deadline: 1st August 2022
    1. Translation
    2. Human resources
    3. Advanced secretarial work
    4. Business administration
    5. Logistics
    6. Law
    7. Finance
    8. Accounting
    9. Library and information science
    10. Engineering management
    11. Science communication
    12. Education
    13. Audiovisual
    14. Communication and public relations
    15. Psychology
    16. Audit.

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    Benefits of the CERN Administrative Student Programme:

    1. The interns will be coming into an internship contract with CERN for 2-12 months.
    2. A monthly allowance of 3319 Franc will be paid to the interns.
    3. A travel allowance will be covered.
    4. If the intern is married or has children, a supplementary grant will be given.
    5. Medical insurance will be covered by CERN, however, the insurance allowance will be deducted from the intern’s pay.
    6. A monthly 2.5 paid leaves are granted.

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    Eligibility Criteria of the CERN Administrative Student Programme:

    1. The applicant must be a national CERN Member or CERN Associate Member State.
    2. The applicants must have completed 18 months of their undergraduate studies either bachelor’s or master’s degree.
    3. The applicants must be specializing in an administrative field at the time of the internship.
    4. The applicant must be able to stay full for 2 months minimum and 12 months maximum.
    5. The applicants must be full-time registered students till the completion of an internship.
    6. The applicant must be fluent and proficient in English or French language.
    7. The students who are staying in STEM/Engineering fields are not eligible.

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    How to Apply for the CERN Administrative Student Programme?

    1. In order to apply for CERN fully paid internship, click on the I’m interested button on the official website.
    2. The candidates have to sign in through Linkedin, Smartprofile, or Indeed.
    3. Browse your resume and drop it in the resume box.
    4. Provide all your correct and authentic personal details.
    5. The candidates have to add their academic details along with their experience.
    6. A motivational message to the hiring manager which shows the commitment of the candidate towards the internship at CERN.
    7. The candidates have to be clear and specific about the fields “Education” and “Experience”.
    8. As the candidates are applying at smart recruiters, they are advised to write their answers in Notepad or word in advance, because there is a limited time to answer the questions once the application starts.
    9. If the candidate is applying for more than one job, Each application must be filled separately.

    Required Documents for the CERN Student Program:

    1. Copy of the most recent academic transcript that must represent the detailed works.
    2. A reference letter from the university professor.
    3. CV
    4. If the candidate has done any prior internship a second reference letter from a previous internship.
    5. The reference letter may be submitted by the candidate directly or by the referee on his/her own via the received application link.

    CERN Administrative Student Program Deadline:

    • The last date to submit an online application is 1st August 2022 (at noon: 12:00 CEST). 

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